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Kindness Acts 20.35 is always accepting donations to help make our events and our mission successful. THere are many ways to donate and everything makes a difference in someones life. We appreciate all of you who feel called to help those in need and are led to contribute to Kindness Acts by volunteering, DOnating, or even praying for the lives being touched in our community. 

  • Kindness Acts Donation Needs (as of November 2017)

    • care packages for the homeless (October through December)

      • winter Hats

      • winter Gloves

      • Socks

      • Toiletries

      • Snacks

    • Household items (in good, working condition)

      • Furniture

      • Bed/mattress

      • Stove

      • refrigerator

      • freezer

      • Washer/Dryer

      • Microwave 

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