Kindness Acts 20.35

The Mission:
One small act at a time, we will make a difference.

Kindness Acts 20.35 is modeled after the Pittsburgh Kindness Initiative.  This initiative challenged the city to be the kindest city in America.  The project was initiated in 2013 and has made a significant impact on the city.  Our goal is to build upon what they have developed, making a huge impact on the city, while being bold about showing others the love of Jesus.



  • Create, facilitate and administer a Christian mentorship program for the children housed at the Gospel Mission to provide them with the skills to become great contributors in our community and impact eternity for Jesus

  • Develop a Christian, Kalamazoo-based adult discipleship program that ends the cycle of substance abuse and poverty

  • Place families into transitional housing as they complete mentoring programs



To show the true love of Jesus to others, thru random Kindness Acts.

There is no greater reward than to be able to serve the Lord and be a blessing to others.  There are many things we do in life but few impact others’ lives for eternity.  By being intentional with Kindness Acts, we can make an impact on others in our community.  Our ultimate goal is to model Jesus our Lord and Savior, who gave His life on the cross for us, which is the ultimate act of love and kindness.  We challenge all of you to go out and make a difference in someone’s life today!


Print the cards below and use when you do your kindness acts to encourage others to share their testimony and encourage others to pay it forward- you may also request actual cards to be mailed to you. 

To request your cards go to